It’s not *quite* Dramboree…

A fine evening of drams last night with m’chum Rob and the lovely Liz: we made a hole in the Sample Stack and despatched a 1976 Longmorn (35yo!), a Wemyss Clynelish (Fresh Fruit Sorbet), an 8yo Lochside (thanks to Nicola for that), a 45yo Dumbarton grain, a Balvenie single cask release (The Cooper), a 17yo(…)

Phones 4 me.  Smart phones, apparently.

Phones 4 me. Smart phones, apparently.

About 5 years ago I put together a sort of retrospective of all of the mobile phones I’d ever owned along with my thoughts on each, and judging by the web stats it’s a topic that lots and lots and lots of people are interested in reading about. The main gamechanger in phones has been(…)