I just had a quick look back through some posts, and it struck me that on first glance, to someone who didn't know any better, one would think I complained a lot…

I mused on this briefly, before coming to a conclusion. I don't think of it as “whinging”, per se. To me, a lot of these statements/observations are more based on my incredulousness that the human race has survived for as long as it has, based on the actions and forethought put into those actions by so many of its constituent beings.

And here's another example…

Today at work a gentleman came to our door. He was a bit confused, and asked if this was Number 1. As I'm sitting closest to the door, I've assumed a quasi-defacto role as receptionist, because I'm the first point at which a visitor can ask a question. Mmm, so anyway, I said that it was in fact Level 1, Number 1, and asked who was he looking for. He stated that he was looking for building management (we don't have a building management office), because he'd been sent out to fix something in the mensroom. He didn't know who had asked for it to be fixed, he didn't know what it was he was meant to be fixing, and he didn't know which mensroom it was in. A fairly curious state of affairs, I thought.

I don't claim to operate at the zenith of efficiency, however if I was in charge of a group of maintenance persons, the *first* thing I'd make sure I knew – and that they knew – before sending them on a job was WHAT it is they're meant to be doing, WHERE they're meant to be doing it, and WHO to talk to, so they can tell that person they're finished.

Anyway, he busied himself doing something in there for a while. We suggested that the extractor fan needed fixing, because it does. However it appears he hasn't touched that.