Lately the concept of the passing on of family characteristics either by nature or nurture has been very much on my mind.

Avid readers of this blog might remember a rather splendid photograph I took of some lions when Liz & I were at a lion park outside Johannesburg last year.  In itself, the capturing & composition of such a powerful and memorable image is impressive – even looking at it now makes me wonder about the career choices I’ve made in life, and what might have been.


Well.  A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to take my 8 year old nephew for a trip to Monarto Zoo and being an Awesome Uncle I appointed him with the solemn duty of Chief Photographic Officer for the day.  Upon flicking through the shots afterwards I was very impressed at what he’d observed: some characterful work, mostly made trickier by the fact that he was shooting through the window of a sometimes-moving bus.

And then there it was – his picture of the lion!


It’s a gift, and I could NOT be prouder.

The rest of the photos are here:

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