The most realistic story ever told.

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The French knights sneak up on the Bavarian pretender, Jazz Hans. #truestory

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I love that if you go to Place de Grands Hommes, you’ll find… Le Fursac. #lesac

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Comedy penis-shaped sweatpatch on back of man at car hire desk. #therebutforthegraceofgodetc

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Looks a bit like an 80s euro electronica album cover, no? If it was taken more carefully, obvs. #closenough

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It has a certain brutish appeal… Although I’m not aware of any poems inspired by the domestic electrical meat grinder.

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And when you get a sunny day, who *doesnt* love a bit of alfresco gambling?

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Free-range street salad.

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I just don’t understand how we can place any faith in economics or even psychology, given that both assume there’s a standard rational way that people will behave.

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Is this a coincidence, or the perfect crime?

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