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First post-mortem drama: bought Liz a bottle of Rocky Moppa Springs to celebrate the move, and DO YOU THINK WE CAN REMEMBER WHICH FUKKIN BOX THE CORKSCREWS ARE IN!? #firstworldproblems #hadtodrinkchampagneinstead

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We’re in. We’re surrounded by beige, pastels and tasteful light fittings… But we’re in. #MISSIONACCOMPLISHED

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MOVING DAY! #exciting #whoseideawasthis

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They’re just making shit up now. #gnudistsunite

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Oh look, coffee spritzer! That’ll be delici[SLAP!] GET IN THE SEA! #whatarseholethoughtthatwasagoodidea #yesiamtheidiotwhopaidforit #awful

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Can anyone else tell me… #soconfused #everyday #beammeupscotty

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3 piece meal deal at our local chippy… #whatnospam

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No corners cut in this august establishment.

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Some days you just have to buy your team packets of smoked pheasant and wild mushroom flavoured crisps.

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