The most realistic story ever told.

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Some days you just have to buy your team packets of smoked pheasant and wild mushroom flavoured crisps.

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How many more times must we go through this?

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Good lord that’s a big thumb.

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Obviously testing out some new menu options at @chillidaddy

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I’m no marketing genius, but is it not a little weird to call your beer “Crapture”?

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Mildly concerned about the Bordeaux city emblem…

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This is how sugar is packaged in France. Which I think is a bit weird.

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The French knights sneak up on the Bavarian pretender, Jazz Hans. #truestory

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I love that if you go to Place de Grands Hommes, you’ll find… Le Fursac. #lesac

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Comedy penis-shaped sweatpatch on back of man at car hire desk. #therebutforthegraceofgodetc

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