The most realistic story ever told.

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Never mind, you can keep the piece of toast.

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy: socio-religious reformist, coffee enthusiast, and evidently inspiration for Johnny Depp’s character in The Lone Ranger. #bristol247 #igersbristol

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Let’s meet the teams… #isihac #morningtoncrescent

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Yep, it all happens in Bristol: firemen rescuing a seagull from the roof of Pizza Hut #bristol247 #igersbristol

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Today is a day of days. For today… I have seen a CROCQUEMBOUCHE.

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Can’t remember if I ever posted this – top bit of bird spacing: classic 5-3-1 triangular formation, sadly I wasn’t in optimum position to capture symmetry.

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How do you know if a duck’s inspired, pray tell? Pretty sure this one had expired, anyway… #GETINTHESEA

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Behold, the cookie has spoken. So if anyone asks why I’m not wearing any trousers at work tomorrow… #looktothecookie

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Never stops being funny… #kookookajoo

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